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The Accreditation Process

The Tenant Participation Accreditation Scheme is aimed at social landlords in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

There are five stages to the TP Accreditation process, including self-assessment, independent assessment, and focus group input.

All landlord accreditations are validated by an independent panel of trained assessors.

Final accreditations are awarded at a bronze, silver or gold level, each with a higher and lower standard. Successful organisations are accredited for three years.

The timescale for accreditation is entirely dependent on the landlord; however, 3-6 months is the norm. It should take no longer than six months.

How does it work? 


The process of gaining accreditation involves six steps:

1. Self- Assessment

Critical self-assessment of your TP practices and activities against the 10 TP Standards & Competencies.  You will: 

  • Complete the self-assessment framework ​

  • Submit documentary evidence


2. SC Assessment 


Supporting Communities will review the information you've submitted, using it to prepare for the focus groups.   We will also provide an interim score.


3. Focus Groups

We will conduct several focus groups, including:

  • Tenant Focus group 

  • Staff Focus Group 

  • Senior Management Focus Group 



The landlord is responsible for arranging the sessions and identifying the attendees. Focus groups will last no longer than 1.5 hours.

4. Independent Validation

Everything will then be reviewed and discussed by an independent panel who will provide the overall rating for the organisation.

5. Feedback Report

We will provide a report with final scores and recommendations for improvements.

What are the benefits of accreditation? 


Our assessment framework is designed to provide social landlords with an objective measurement of their Tenant Participation activities through three standardised accreditation levels: bronze, silver and gold.


TP Accreditation provides quality assurance to the Department for Communities and its Regulatory Branch that your Tenant Participation Strategy is relevant, fit for purpose and aligns with the 10 Principles for Tenant Participation as outlined in the TPS NI (2015-2020). 

Our accreditation will highlight that your organisation involves residents effectively and will flag up opportunities for improvement.


"Drive your business forward and shape your services to meet the needs of your tenants and customers."

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