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The Amp Survey

'The Amp' is an engagement tool from Supporting Communities which will enable residents all over Northern Ireland to contribute their thoughts on a range of housing and community-related topics.

‘The Amp’ aims to amplify the voice of residents in order to influence the decision-makers who can effect real change. We will use ‘The Amp’ to find out what matters to tenants and residents of all tenures and convey the results to regional governmental departments, local councils, and social landlords who will be able to use the data to better frame future community and housing policy and the delivery of improved services.

The Amp will publish surveys several times a year on topics of interest to communities and relay the findings to the people, organisations, and agencies that can benefit from this kind of grassroots polling.

Tailor-made Amp Surveys

Members of our TP Support Service can commission an Amp Survey to get a rapid response online survey on a topic of interest to them. Find out quickly what tenants or the wider public think about you and your services as a housing provider.

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Learn more about The Amp and past surveys on the Supporting Communities website.

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Join our online survey series and make your voice heard!

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