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What a Year! Annual Report 2020-2021

Updated: May 5, 2021

Our past financial year started like everyone else's - with a sudden lockdown and confusion over what would come next. Supporting Communities quickly adapted by putting many of our services online and finding new ways to support community groups all over Northern Ireland as they went about the essential frontline work of keeping people safe and in touch with public health information and services.

Our trading arm, Empowering Communities, looked for ways to support our housing association members as they dealt with working from home and supporting their most vulnerable tenants including convening online meetings of the Tenant Participation Practitioners Network (TPPN) to offer peer support during trying times.

What started out as a disastrous year for business resulted in a widespread appreciation for connectedness and involvement. We are pleased to report that Empowering Communities added a new member, conducted hundreds of meetings online, embarked on the first Tenant Participation Accreditation in Northern Ireland, created a webinar series, and launched this very website that supports our members through exclusive resources and discussion groups.

We're pleased to share our Annual Report for 2020-2021 and take a look back at a year like no other.

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